The days go by

Texas, oh sweet Texas.

I always get excited to be somewhere other than where I am at. While I blame much of this on “my generation,” the fact is that there is so much in this world I want to see and experience.

Texas is not one of those places.

There was a short lived amount of excitement coming back to the lone star state. I had my bike and the job is only scheduled to be a couple months long. I tell myself that each situation is as good or bad as we make up our minds for it to be. Well, I made up my mind after a few short days that Texas is mostly awful. It is desolate, flat, and smells of cattle.

Time for a new way of seeing things.

The people of Texas are proud. This is there home, just as Minnesota is mine. They have worked this land, raised their families, and enriched the area around them to become something they are proud of. While as an outsider I might not see, or understand that, I know that I would not want someone driving into my neighborhood and making a snap judgement. Every area has something to offer. Every person here stays here for reasons that are important to them.

This land provides to the rest of the country in ways I can’t fully comprehend. Whether it is with the cotton, the beef, the milk, or the oil; Texas provides things that many of us use every day. Being in this area reminds me that I am fortunate to travel and see all of the pieces of the puzzle, to learn not to judge.


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