A little over the edge

If it were not for nature, I think I would have gone crazy a long time ago. It is my escape, my medication, a reason to be grateful.

I believe that each of us is solar powered. I believe that a connection with the earth recharges us at a cellular level. I know that I require time outdoors every day.

With my job it is challenging to find the right balance of work and play. While I do make my own schedule, and can usually choose the area I stay in, it doesn’t guarantee I will find a park or trail. I have been fortunate to find places to recharge on many of my adventures, but every project has days where I yearn for a place with greener grass.

At times, it is hard to remember how fortunate I am.

This morning I got out for a slow jog, with a pace that rivaled a snail. I would like to think there were many factors working against me this morning, from staying awake last night to watch the storm, to not drinking enough water after hot yoga yesterday, to not eating enough the last few days. Mostly, though, I was terrified of getting attacked by the birds that seemed to be stalking me. This sounds silly, but a week or so ago I had a red winged blackbird protect its territory a little more aggressively than I liked when I was in it. Since then, I have had my guard up whenever I see these demon possessed creatures. Anyone that wants cheap home security should encourage a few of these birds to nest near their house.

All the same, I got a few miles in around a beautiful neighborhood since my usual park was under water.


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